OUTDOOR Aerial Yoga

Take Aerial OUTSIDE…

Thursday, September 20 at 5:15-6:15p

Want to Feel Like a Kid Again?

Aerial Yoga will increase your flexibility, strength and balance.

Aerial yoga uses a yoga “sling” or “hammock” so students may move in and out of yoga postures safely. The sling may either assist a movement or make it more difficult depending on the placement.

Incorporate Pilates principles to focus on core strength and form. Enjoy inversions with no pressure on the head and neck. Achieve more relaxation with less effort.
PLUS…. it’s Fun!!

Good for all ages, shapes and strengths.

Wear yoga clothing, avoid loose fitting items, remove all jewelry.

Bring a yoga mat and water

Aerial yoga is not appropriate for those with glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart conditions or epilepsy.

Limited to 5 Participants