Tai Chi

Tai Chi: An ancient Chinese art of movement, Tai Chi is a sequence of slow, gentle movements which strengthens the internal flow of chi to promote focus and clarity. It encourages upright posture, openness in the joints, fluid movements, balance, and full even breathing.  There are several styles of Tai Chi practiced throughout the world.


Beginning & Continuing Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis (TCHA)       

TCHA is a short modified Sun form developed by Dr. Paul Lam. It is an appropriate introduction to the study of Tai Chi.

Beginning Tai Chi Fundamentals                                                                                         

Tai Chi Fundamentals is a short modified form based on the Yan style developed by Tricia Yu. It is an appropriate introduction to the study of Tai Chi.

Intermediate Tai Chi                                                                                               

This class is appropriate for students who have experience in both modified forms: TCHA & Tai Chi Fundamentals

Tai Chi Sun 73 Form                                                                                                    

Developed by Sun Lu Tang, this form is characterized by the “lively or agile” step work and the integration of deep internal power through breath and spiraling rhythms.  Although not required, prior experience in TCHA makes it easier to learn this form.

Tai Chi Yan 24 Form 

This form is also known as the Yang family short form and the Beijing form. It was popularized by China’s National Physical Culture & Sports Committee as China’s national fitness program. This form is widely taught and practiced throughout the world. It is an appropriate introduction to the study of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi FAN FAN022

A gentle and elegant practice that incorporates the opening, snapping shut, and flipping of a fan with the balance and fluidity of a set sequence of steps.  Through the sensual artistry of this form, participants will sharpen their focus and gain a greater sense of unity with body and mind.

Qi Gong: A gentle and expansive form of movement that uses repetition, inviting you to focus your attention and explore the movement. Posture, full range of motion, long diagonal stretches, and balance are all aspects of this style.


This restorative practice includes an integrated, flowing form that is simple yet powerful for releasing tension and calming the body, mind and spirit while bringing vitality to your life. No experience necessary. All ability levels welcome.